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Plastic Pony Beads

Plastic pony beads are perfect for a vast variety of arts and crafts ideas; from jewellery making to decorating bags, hair braiding to shoe lacing and are very popular for making dummyclips.. We are proud that the majority of our plastic pony beads are made in the USA, by The Beadery and these offer a higher standard of quality than some of those available in your local stores.

We pride ourselves on offering one of the best selection of plastic pony beads available on-line; where some on-line retailers offer 150 different colours, we have over 1,000 different plastic pony beads available. Our plastic pony beads include the standard 9x6 barrels, mini barrels, large barrels, heart shaped beads, flower shaped beads, butterfly shaped beads, and star shaped beads.

The most frequently used plastic pony bead shape is the standard 9x6mm barrel, which is available in 9 different finishes including, opaque, pearlescent, sparkle, neon bright, transparent and our favorite, matte.

Have a look at our Pony Bead Guide for more information on the available finishes.

All our plastic pony beads have a large 4mm hole, which makes them ideal for use with a wide range of cords, strings and wires. When stringing your beads, don’t forget to add some novelty shapes from our wide range of over 40 exciting and fun shapes, including teddy bears, planes, trains, dolphins, cats, dogs and elephants just to name a few.

The full range of novelty shapes can be found in The Beadery Shapes section, with most of our novelty shapes just 85p for a pack of 10 beads - a truly super price.